What We Do

The Ohio Healthy Homes Network (OHHN) is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that promotes healthy, safe and affordable housing for Ohioans of all ages. OHHN was created in 1997 as Help End Lead Poisoning (dba HELP Coalition). In 2011, the organization changed its name to Ohio Healthy Homes Network and expanded its mission to focus on healthy housing. The prevention of lead poisoning continues to be one of the organization’s priorities.

2017 Activities


OHHN will present a Healthy Homes Forum in the fall on topics in the healthy homes field. OHHN members will receive a discount on registration fees in 2017.


OHHN will continue to publish the Ohio Healthy Homes News, a monthly newsletter for the healthy homes field.

Policy Development

OHHN is a permanent member of the Ohio Lead Advisory Council of the Ohio Department of Health. The Council meets quarterly and makes recommendations to the Ohio Department of Health.

OHHN will work cooperatively with state agencies, administration and legislature to achieve the following:

  • State funding dedicated to lead hazard control and mitigation of other hazards in the home such as asthma triggers and unsafe/unhealthy living conditions.
  • State policies that protect children in homes built before 1978 from becoming lead poisoned.
  • Improved rates of lead testing for all children receiving Medicaid and for those children residing in high risk areas of the state.
  • Access for families to timely information on lead safe housing available in their communities.
  • Increased cooperation across state health, housing and related agencies to address a range of health hazards in the home.

Information and Referral

OHHN will provide information and referrals in response to inquiries on such topics as lead and other hazards in the home, home repair, and training in the lead and healthy homes field. Send requests for information/referral to OHHN through the Contact link on this website.

OHHN Forum and Summits

2016 Healthy Homes Forums

Presentations for Integrating Housing Management and Development with Health Outcome, November 30, Columbus.

Presentations for Reducing Lead, Mold, Asthma-Triggers and Poor Indoor Air Quality in Ohio’s Housing, June 9, Cincinnati.

2015 Healthy Homes Forums

Presentations for Indoor Air Quality: Bridging Health and Housing, October 20, Columbus.

Presentations for Education and Developmental Services for Lead Poisoned Children, June 16, Akron.

2014 Summit

The 2014 Ohio Healthy Homes Summit was held on September 30, 2014 at the Ohio Department of Agriculture’s Louis Bromfield Administration Building. Sixty-two participants attended.

OHHN 2014 Summit Participants

View the 2014 Summit Materials here for links to presentations, notes from afternoon breakout groups, handouts and supplemental materials.

2013 Summit

The 2013 Healthy Homes Policy Summit was held March 22, 2013 at the Riffe Center in Columbus, Ohio, and attended by 63 individuals.

The conference was sponsored by OHHN, through a grant from the Grassroots Advocacy Network Grant Program of the National Center for Healthy Housing, as well as Environmental Health Watch and the Cleveland Chapter of the Indoor Air Quality Association.

OHHN 2013 Summit

View the 2013 Summit Materials here for links to presentations, notes from afternoon breakout groups, handouts and supplemental materials.

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