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Image Credit: The Dell Group


Image Credit: The Dell Group

What are the requirements for Renovation Contractors?

  • All firms performing renovation, repair or painting work must become certified. In Ohio, this can be accomplished by applying to EPA and paying a fee.
  • Firms must have one or more “Certified Renovators” assigned to jobs (on the worksite) where lead-based paint is disturbed. To become certified, a renovator must successfully complete an Ohio-approved training course conducted by an Ohio-accredited training provider.
  • All renovation workers must be trained. Renovation workers can be trained on-the-job by a Certified Renovator to use lead safe work practices, or they can become Certified Renovators themselves.

How long is the training?

One day for eight (8) hours.

How much does it cost?

The training fee can range from around $200 to $400 per person, depending on the choice of trainer.

How do Renovation Contractors become certified?

Complete and submit the RRP application and pay a fee.

How much is the fee? How long does certification last?

The fee is $300. Certification is in effect for 5 years.

When and where is RRP training offered in Ohio?

  • The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) accredits all RRP trainers in Ohio. ODH calls the training “Lead Safe Renovator” training. This training is the same as RRP training.
  • To locate EPA and ODH accredited training programs, you can go to the web site of the Ohio Department of Health, Lead Poisoning Prevention page. Click on “Search Lead Database and Lists” and search for Lead Safe Renovator training.

What is expected of a Certified Renovator?

A Certified Renovator must

  • Use an EPA approved lead test kit when testing for lead-based paint on painted surfaces and components being disturbed
  • Provide on-the-job training to other workers on the work practices they will be using, be physically present at the job site when warning signs are posted, while work-area containment is being established and while work-area cleaning is being performed
  • Regularly direct work being performed by others to ensure compliance with work practice standards, including containment requirements;
  • Be available on-site or by telephone whenever renovations are being performed
  • Perform project cleaning verification
  • Have with them their initial and most recent (i.e., refresher) course certificates
  • Prepare required records.
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