Overview of the EPA RRP Rule

What is the “Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule”?

The Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule requires contractors, property managers, painters and other specialty trades renovating pre-1978 “target housing” and “child-occupied facilities” to receive special training, become certified with the EPA and use lead-safe work practices

What does the EPA mean by “target housing” and “child-occupied facilities”?

  • Target housing is any housing constructed before 1978, except housing for the elderly or persons with disabilities (unless any child under age 6 resides or is expected to reside in such housing) or any 0-bedroom dwelling.
  • Child-occupied facilities are defined as residential, public or commercial buildings where children under age six are present on a regular basis.

Why did EPA make this Rule?

When lead paint is disturbed during renovation, lead dust is created. This dust creates dangerous hazards for the occupants of the home or child-occupied facility and for renovators. Lead poisoning causes neurological and behavioral problems in children that can last a lifetime. It can also cause serious health problems in adults.

What does the Rule cover?

The Rule establishes requirements that cover the following activities:

  • Training for renovators, other renovation workers, and dust sampling technicians
  • Certification of renovators, dust sampling technicians, and renovation firms
  • Accreditation of providers of renovation and dust sampling technician training
  • Renovation work practices
  • Record keeping

Is a renovation performed by a landlord or employees of a property management firm considered a compensated renovation under EPA’s lead program rules?

Yes. The receipt of rent payments or salaries derived from rent payments is considered compensation under EPA’s lead program. Therefore, renovation activities performed by landlords or employees of landlords are covered (from EPA Small Entity Compliance Guide to Renovate Right, p. 18). See also EPA’s guidance for property managers.

Who administers and enforces the RRP Rule?

In Ohio, the RRP Rule is administered and enforced by the EPA’s Region V Office in Chicago. For more information on RRP, see Materials and Downloads for Renovators on Renovation, Repair and Painting.

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