Pre-Renovation Education

What is the Pre-Renovation Education Requirement?

Certified renovators must give owners and tenants Renovate Right, an EPA brochure. They must also make Renovate Right available to the parents or guardian of children under age six that attend childcare facilities and schools.

Renovators must obtain the signature of the occupant as proof they received the pamphlet or document or make a good faith effort to obtain their signature. EPA has placed sample forms (see Pre-Renovation Disclosure Form and Renovation Notice and Record of Tenant Notification Procedures) on the Downloads and Materials for Renovators on Renovation, Repair and Painting page.

Renovators are allowed to download the brochure and make copies for distribution, purchase copies or deliver the notice electronically. There are specific regulations governing the timing, method of delivery of the brochure and securing tenants and owners’ signatures.

The term “renovators” includes maintenance workers, owners, building managers, painters and other specialities.

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